White Paper for CEOs, Board Chairs, and CISOs of $50mm - $20bn+ Revenue Companies
With 6-Step Process On
How to Get Your Board & C-Suite Cyber-Ready &
Create a Culture of Cybersecurity, 
from Board Down
Unlocking 90%+ Breach Prevention Probability & Up To 27% EBITDA Savings: The CEO Method™

What you will learn in this white paper:

  • ​Why is breach prevention the CEO's problem (rather than the CISO's) and how your Board and C-Suite can take control of it, why cybersecurity must be decentralized, and what cyber roles individual Directors and Executives have and need to execute against.
  • The 6-Step process to getting your Board and C-Suite cyber-ready, creating a culture of cybersecurity from the Board down, and preventing your CISO from burning out.
  • ​​How to prevent breaches with 90%+ certainty, without requiring your C-Suite and Board to become cyber experts.
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Most boards and executives don’t know how to achieve a culture of cybersecurity in their organizations, which puts company assets and ROI at risk. Many also don't know how to behave securely in all areas of their lives or what their role in driving a cybersecurity strategy of the organization is or should be, which further drives up the risk.

Given that culture always starts at the top, this paper teaches Board Chairs and Directors, CEOs, CISOs, other C-Suite executives, and Investors the CEO-driven yet decentralized, Board-down method for breach-prevention, getting all Board Directors and C-Suite executives cyber-ready, and creating a culture of cybersecurity from the Board down, thus also helping organizations alleviate the pressure on CISOs as the focal point of creating and sustaining cultures of cybersecurity.

This method, called The CEO Method™, was invented by global tech and defense investment banker, serial entrepreneur, US Congressional advisor and Wharton and Harvard alum Andrzej Cetnarski, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Cyber Nation Central® - a global cybersecurity protocol, insights, and advisory firm dedicated to helping create cybersecure-by-design Boards, Executive Teams, and organizations.

Cetnarski invented The CEO Method™ and its protocol process in response to a fatal breach of his first venture, where even the most cybersecure technology and best-performing CTO were not able to prevent a breach caused by lack of understanding by the Board and C-Suite what a true culture of cybersecurity entailed, allowing the threat actors to take advantage of the still-very-typical-of-Boards-today gap in cybersecurity knowledge and awareness, further exacerbated by a still-CISO-centric approach to cybersecurity.

In so doing, this paper also teaches its reader the process for bridging the widening gap between CISO, regulatory compliance, and technology as “the answer” vs. actual hacker-deterrent cultures of decentralized cybersecurity, individual ownership of cyber-specific fiduciary roles and tactical responsibilities, “partnership with” instead of “over-reliance on” the CISO, and mastery of individual risk and response, individual cybersecurity, organizational-cyber-strategy, and each Board Director’s and Executive’s role in it.
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"This is the only protocol in the market that teaches Boards, C-Suites, & Investors how to think about their own and their organizations' cybersecurity holistically & execute on it 360°, beyond just relying on tech cybersecurity & the CISO. The information was excellent, very timely and is easy to adopt. I was really impressed with how technology was used to deliver the information.”
Jonathan H.*
$70mm healthcare information provider
* Except where and as otherwise noted, to protect the identity of our clients from undue threats, names of individuals and their companies have been changed and photos replaced with AI-generated avatars of individuals that do not exist in real life, although some attributes resemble the principal. Titles/positions/industries and quotes of individuals are factual and as provided by each individual. For Angela Z. and June L., the employers' names are factual. All case studies are factual. For further information on our Testimonials, refer to our Disclaimer.
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