Technology Investors (Limited Partners) Interested in Cybersecurity Venture Investing

Pursuing higher-purpose security of our nations, organizations, and citizens, one based on integrity, trust, partnership, digital privacy, and fulfillment of mutual interests.


An investment into Cyber Nation Central’s® Ventures provides Investors with the:
    • The benefits of investing alongside Cyber Nation Central®, a strategic investor with expertise in area of investment and decades of expertise in professional investment management
    • Main Principals of Cyber Nation Central® have known each other for over 15 years and worked together for nearly a decade
    • ​3+ decades of collective investment management (VC & PE) experience and generating investor ROI
    • ​Decades of proven ability to significantly improve acquired companies through active coaching and return outsized ROI
    • ​3+ decades of collective cybersecurity expertise, across technology, operational execution, strategy advisory, regulatory policy, and educational background
    • ​3+ decades of transportation, logistics, aerospace & defense expertise from private and government sector
    • ​Strong government relationships (in cybersecurity and otherwise) in US and Israel, and across partner nations globally
    • ​Decades of strong operating background as CEOs, founders, operating execs with global experience working across US, Middle East, Asia, Europe = ability to foresee & avoid venture pitfalls
    • ​Solid global network of strategic customers and acquirers for Venture Portfolio
    • ​Bulge bracket Investment Banking & advisory expertise taking ventures from startup to IPO
    • ​Ivy League+ education (Wharton Business School, Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, University of Chicago)
    • Prime access to cybersecurity technologies of US & Israel, the world’s top two cybersecurity innovators, with particular (though not exclusive) focus on the Boston-NYC-DC-Israel triangle’s innovation ecosystem
    • ​Principals natives to Boston-NYC-Washington DC Corridor with proprietary pipeline of 300+ prospect ventures
    • ​CNC-Israel working partnership with highest level of various government, private sector and academic entities, including Israel National Cyber Directorate, Be’er Sheva Cyber Park (the stronghold of Israel’s cybersecurity technology innovation), top Israeli Accelerators, top Universities’ research centers
    • ​Andrzej Cetnarski on the Board of one of Israel’s top hi-tech accelerators, Be’er Sheva’s very own Negev Hi-Tech Startup Accelerator out of Ben Gurion University (BGU-NHSA)
    • ​CNC’s market-to-market synergy benefit, given US-Israel cybersecurity partnership forged at federal & state level for each of New York, Massachusetts, Greater Washington DC, as well as by the White House itself
    • RIGHT INVESTMENT MODEL: Benefits of the professionalism of a Venture Capital fund but none of the locks-ups. Unlike in a typical VC Fund, CNC Investors:
    • Avoid VC-type “blind pool” investing: Investors are able to invest on a deal-by- deal basis into any deal Cyber nation Central® has fully business- and tech- due diligenced and decided to invest into
    • ​Gain the rare benefit of each investment being actively managed by a team of Cyber Nation Central’s® Advisors and Operating Experts – serial investors & operators who bring into each Venture decades of expertise and experience in working day-to-day with Cyber Nation Advisory and previous private and public sector clients and investments
    • ​Do so under favorable economics to Investors that include a much-lower-than- VC Management Fee, customary Carried Interest split, and CNC co-investment alongside Investors, and with strategic value creation rarely seen with VC funds. This provides Investors:
    • A rare amount of flexibility given the deal-by-deal nature of investment
    • ​Expertise of Cyber Nation Advisors & Operating Experts
    • ​Alignment of interest with Cyber Nation Central® as co-investor
    • ​Favorable economics
    • Pure-play cybersecurity-focused financial sponsor not distracted by other sectors and instead focused purely on cybersecurity – a sector that is on a meteoric rise as the physical-to-digital-to-cybersecure relationship drives towards singularity and a 1:1:1 relationship
    • ​Benefit of Cyber Nation Central® being a member of the Board (sometimes as Chairman and sometimes with multiple Board seats) as well as an Advisor to Management in the investment, thereby giving Investors (LPs) assurance that Cyber Nation Central® is not only close-enough to a Venture’s operations to understand status quo but to also influence direction
    • ​Strong background, expertise, and network in private and government sector of US and Israel and ability to bring both sectors’ expertise into Venture improvement
    • ​Team’s proven decades of experience improving companies
    • ECOSYSTEMIC SYNERGIES’ ADVANTAGES: Investment is not just managed by expert Advisors and Operating Executives of Cyber Nation Central®. Cyber Nation Central® exponentially increases chances of portfolio Venture success through:
    • Active Advisory of portfolio company, usually as a Board Member or Chairman (Cyber Nation Advisory seeks to provide Ventures cybersecurity and corporate strategic guidance, relationships, growth opportunities)
    • ​Global access to government and private sector customers and potential acquirors, along with distribution of portfolio Venture technologies, thereby helping actively scale the portfolio Venture (Cyber Nation Distribution seeks to provide Ventures with access to Cyber Nation Central’s® proprietary and global network of private and government sector customers and acquirors for their technology)
    • ​Access to technology and regulatory expertise, thereby helping portfolio Ventures avoid pitfalls and exponentially increasing their chances of success (Cyber Nation Think Tank - Cyber Frontiers™ seeks to provide Ventures with cutting edge research on cybersecurity technology innovation and regulatory/policy outlook so they “get ahead and stay ahead”)
    • Cyber Nation Central’s® investments are structured in a way that provides non-US investors ability to invest into US (as well as Israeli) cybersecurity technologies, dubbed “critical technologies” by US CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) regulations and therefore hard to gain direct investment ability and US government approval to invest directly into otherwise
    • Cyber Nation Central’s® Vision and Mission and active management style with our Portfolio Ventures naturally drives Ventures to think bigger and create solutions, backed by meticulous execution, to some of the biggest cybersecurity problems of the next decade. We drive for ROI by driving at the biggest problems that also help our countries and citizens gain a threshold of sovereignty in cyberspace
    • ACCESS TO TOP CYBERSECURITY EXPERTS: Otherwise-hard-to-gain access to:
    • Cybersecurity expertise of Cyber Nation Advisory experts
    • ​Cybersecurity Due Diligence best practices for Investors (LPs’) broader investment portfolios


    Cyber Nation Central® is an industry- and government-executive-leadership-focused cyberspace defense ecosystem with a mission of helping drive the creation of cybersecure renditions of our physical nations for the United States and its global partners.


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