There are six steps you need to follow to get your Board & C-Suite cyber-ready, develop a breach-deterrent culture of cybersecurity from the Board 
down, and protect your stakeholders, assets, and ROI from the $9.9mm ($11.1mm in healthcare) average cost of a breach. They are broken up into 3 parts. 
Pursuing higher-purpose security of our nations, organizations, and citizens, one based on integrity, trust, partnership, digital privacy, and fulfillment of mutual interests.
Steps 1-6:
Part I - Implement Protocol
Give each Board Director and Executive the tools to master their individual and organizational cybersecurity and develop their personalized yet synchronized action blueprint so you operate “as one” to bring this cybersecure culture into your employee ranks.
Step 1: 
Assess Your "Self"
Step 2: 
Master Individual Cybersecurity
Step 3:
Master Organizational Cybersecurity
Step 3.1:
Develop a Board Strategy
Step 3.2:
Develop a Geopolitics Strategy
Step 3.3:
Develop a Regulatory Strategy
Step 3.4:
Develop a Cyber Insurance Strategy
Step 4:
Build Your Action Blueprint
Part II - Stay Current
Keep your individual Board Director/Executive blueprint up to date with the latest data insights and expertise, and regularly test it against rapidly changing environment.
Step 5:
Keep Your Blueprint Current
Part III - Build Partnerships
Stay plugged into the right cyber-defense experts and build the right external cyber partnerships so you are ready to proactively address situational dynamics and urgencies, before or as they arise, rather than when it’s too late.
Step 6:
Build External Cyber Partnerships
Prevention is your best and only real defense because even an average $9.9mm breach response will cost you ~150x – 450x more in terms of financial damages than a proper breach prevention protocol for your Team.

That’s just accounting for the quantifiable "above-surface" costs. Your real cost of getting breached will get significantly more expensive when you account for the even-more-expensive operational, emotional, and reputational damages that can wipe out your legacy entirely.

Having an executive cybersecurity blueprint that is current and guides each of your Directors, Executives, and employees’ behavioral and strategy actions is the most time-efficient, cost-efficient, and effective pathway to breach prevention.

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